Chinese Men Are Not Happy With Their Skin According to New Survey

A recent survey conducted in China by Mintel has discovered that about two thirds of Chinese men are not happy with their current skin condition. Many of them have cited that enlarged or blocked pores are their main concern. Chinese women on the other hand have very ritualistic cleansing habits, with 72 percent using some form of facial cleansers on a daily basis. However only 50% of Chinese men in cities use facial cleansers regularly (which may be the reason why many of them are not having the skin that they desire).

This means two things though. One, there’s a huge market for cosmetics companies to enter at the moment. Other countries like USA and Japan already have an advanced (and saturated) men skincare market, with plenty of instructional/education and marketing. Two, Chinese men are realizing the importance of good skin, something that may have been looked upon as feminine in a past era.

The good news for the 2/3 of Chinese men that are unhappy is there are plenty of information and products out there to optimize your skin. But not everything is right for everybody. Something developed for African American skin may not react well with Asian skins. Here are my personal advice for these Chinese men:

1. Experiment with different brands and products until you find the best one for you. This is usually the hardest part because you spend the most time picking and choosing. But you have to see it as an investment into your body’s health and appearance. Think about it this way, once you discover what works for you, all you have to do is keep with it and be less stressed with your perfect skin!

2. Try brands that are developed to for your race. For these Chinese men, I would recommend trying Japanese brands which are available in stores like Watsons. Gatsby and Shiseido are extremely popular internationally as well as Japan. The best thing is that they are made with Asian customers in mind. Different races have different skin. This also means they have different needs. Find the brand that promises to deliver to their needs.

3. Do your research. Before just going out and buying all the stuff on the shelves, spend some time doing your research. It will save you time and money. There are always new products in development, techniques to use and routines to follow. For example, did you know that tomato cells are good for the skin? Click here to find out even more about that.

4. Ask for advice. It never hurts to ask for help or a second opinion. I don’t mean asking a sales lady at your local shopping center. I mean asking a professional who knows about skin. This is most likely a dermatologist or someone who use to have bad skin but now it has improved. Getting advice from people who always had good skin is usually not recommended since they never try different products. It doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who has gone down the same road as you.

5. Quality is important. Not all products are created equally. You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”. Well that is very true when it comes to cosmetics. Yes, some brands names more expensive because of the branding. But also keep in mind that they have more money to spend on research and development, and also try to deliver a good product that meets the standards of the brand.

Original Article: Yahoo News

Lea en español aquí.

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