Hyaluronic Acid (HA) benefits are impressive, and now it is a key ingredient of cosmetics such as creams, serums, injectables (aka: Restylane), and even supplements. You can find this wonder ingredient almost everywhere. Something this popular has gotta do incredible things for your skin right?

  • What is Hyaluronic acid?

 Hyaluronic acid is a natural – occurring substance found naturally in the body that helps hydrate the skin. This natural glycosaminoglycan is distributed widely throughout connective, neural, and epithelial tissue. It acts as a cushioning and lubrication agent for our joints, nerves, hair, skin and eyes.

  • Why Hyaluronic Acid is Important for the Skin

Young skin retains its resilience and pliability due to its high water content Our ability to produce hyaluronic acid declines with age (sob!), which can lead to increased dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging (yuck!)

The other reason is hyaluronic acid molecules’ unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times their weight in water. One thousand! That’s more than any other biological substance. What’s not to love?.

  • Wound Healing

HA play an important role in the various stage of inflammation by contributing to the stabilization of the healing matrix.

  • Anti-Wrinkles

Besides its benefits of superior hydration, HA is widely used in the treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin to help restructure the dermis.

Have you tried hyaluronic acid? I’m sure there are many other ways you can use hyaluronic acid in your beauty regime. Comment down below and share your beauty tricks with me! 🙂

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