Guide to fade the appearance of dark circles for men

Dark circles tend to make men look tired, older and in need of more sleep.

Sans makeup alternatives for men to reduce the appearance of dark circles is changing your daily habits.

Better sleeping schedule

Lack of sleep makes your blood vessel dilate leading to dark circles. Sleeping 9 hours a day recharge skin’s overall health. During a good sleep we replenish skin radiance and reduce toxins from the skin.

Sleeping with an extra pillow

Using an extra pillow can reduce puffy eyes. when you lay flat , fucid can pool in your lower eyelids making them look puffy.

Antioxidant & hydrating diet

Hydrating foods and circulation-boosting antioxidants make a noticeable difference, as do mineral-rich foods that help to balance fluids.

Instead of placing cucumbers in your eyes, you can eat them as well because has a high water content that hydrates, collagen enhancing silica, and skin fortifying sulfur.

The summer hydrating  slices of watermelon is a great way to hydrate your body with loads of vitamins.

Staying hydrated with at least 10 cups of water a day can keep your skin hydrated.

Boots your circulating by exercising leading to healthier and youthful complexion.


Use daily moisturizing eye creams it will reduce the appearance of dark circles and prevent wrinkles to restore your skin’s elasticity.


Sunlight delivers a daily dose of beneficial Vitamin D but extreme exposure to sunlight can harm your skin if you don’t wear sunblock. Limit the exposure sun rays to  can be harmful after 1hr of exposure and lead to wrinkles and cancer in the long run. Wear sunscreen with at least 15 SPF plus and reapply every hour depending on the activities. The sun in mid afternoon is the strongest and is best to avoid direct exposure. Wear hats, sunglasses and protective UPF clothing, when you have to be outdoors for a while.

Embrace the metrosexual phase.

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