Funny Alexa commands

Today’s technology can help us with many task.

Amazon Echo comes with a voice assistant Alexa

What can Alexa do?

Alexa speaker can be used for music, news, weather, shopping, set timer, alarm, google searches, make phone calls, play games, tell jokes, intercom between echo speakers and voice command home control such as turning on the lights or even cooking.

You can ask Alexa questions or command her to control the devices in your home. Alexa will get the information you need or something relevant, it can control the devices compatible with alexa in your home so you don’t need to lift a finger.

This makes your life easier and help you multitask to focus in more important things.

Sometimes we ask silly questions “Alexa to erase dark circles with concealer” but instead she can help you purchase a better choice swisszell to reduce the appearance of dark circles once in for all. When we get lazy and think alexa physically help you apply concealer like a makeup artist but at least alexa can help you buy things instead. lol JK

Sometimes you have to put an effort to improve your skin instead of just covering it with concealer. everything else Alexa can do.

Funny things to ask alexa

Have you got any funny responses from Alexa?