Your Halloween Makeup Might Ruin Your Skin!

Halloween is this weekend! Nowadays, this holiday has become an excuse for adults to live out their fantasies and party hard in their costumes. A lot of people are even investing in professional makeup jobs just to stand out. But what most people don’t realize is that those store brought Halloween makeup can ruin your skin and bring out acne and rashes on your face.
Most Halloween make-up that you find in stores does not take in consideration skin irritation like major brands do. They are often made from toxic materials that extend the shelf life so they are able to be sold years after the holiday season. The bad news is that the few hours that you apply them on your skin will have long lasting consequences.

So how do you enjoy your Halloween fun and still have perfect skin? First read the label and see what in the product. Some may say that it is safe for skin, or are water based. This makes it easier to remove later on. Before you apply anything to your face, test it beforehand on another part of your body and see if it causes irritation. Lastly, after the party/trick or treat outing/candy binge, make sure to use your regular make up remover to fully wash off all the makeup. This is usually what causes bad skin, because a lot people tend to just pass out with their makeup.

Everyone at SwissZell wishes you fun, candy filled, and most importantly safe Halloween!

The Truth About Dairy And Acne

When I was first taking action on what to do in order to improve my skin, I made sure to do my research online. I looked up “what to eat”, “what exercise to do”, even “what material of pillows” I should use. Yes I was obsessed! I wanted to know everything about my skin, and how to make it clear.

One thing that kept on popping up when looking at food to avoid was dairy. Many skin websites out there will warn you against dairy if you’re trying to get rid of acne. I was frightened so much that I tried cut out all dairy from my life. And yes, my skin did get better. But this is no proof that dairy was the culprit, since I totally cleaned up my diet and lifestyle at this time.

Actually, there’s really aren’t that much research that proves dairy causes acne. It’s one of those half-truth myths that circulate the internet. I’m not saying to drink all the milk and eat all the dairy products that you love. You should test if dairy is your specific acne trigger (or one of them). Cut it out of your diet for two weeks and monitor your skin. If you see improvement, there’s a chance that it may be your problem.

Some people find it hard to kick the dairy habit, especially if they have been eating cereal with milk from a young age. But there are healthy alternatives to milk, in form of soy or almond milk. You can easily find these at your local market. Even when I use to order from Starbucks, I asked for almond milk instead. I actually think it taste better.

For more tips on how to improve your skin, check back often to the SwissZell Blog. We also have a great product by the same name that uses natural cells from tomatoes to reverse the aging process of the skin. To find out more, visit

Foods to Eat This Fall To Save Your Skin

Fall is a great time of year. The weather is gets a bit chillier. The leaves start changing colors. Starbucks starts offer pumpkin spice lattes again.

One of the things I look forward to each year is all the end of the meals I have lined up: Halloween dinner, Thanksgivings dinner, and finally Christmas dinner. Whenever I even smell pumpkin flavored anything, I think of all the holidays from past year and smile as I plan for the ones ahead. However, I know that colder weather also dries out my skin, so I have to be extra careful to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Luckily, while browsing Huffington Post today, I ran across this helpful list of all the yummy foods we should be taking advantage of this fall to keep our skin shinny and bright for those awkward X-mas family photos!

Sweet Potatoes – “Vitamins A and C, both abundant in sweet potatoes, work hard to prevent acne and to heal it when it streaks.”

Beets – “Beets are a great source of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and slows down the aging process, helping to prevent wrinkles.”

Apples –“ Vitamin C found in apples helps to firm and tone the skin. It protects your skin cells and slows down the appearance of aging by preventing wrinkles.

Chard –“ Munching on this leafy green vegetable that’s rich in vitamin E helps keep the moisture in the skin and protects the oils in the skin’s moisture barrier from free radical damage.”

Tomatoes– “Tomatoes not only is healthy for the body, but also has skin whitening properties and also delays the signs of wrinkles. Visit to find out more about how tomatoes can improve your skin.”

Pumpkin Seeds – “These nutty-flavored treats are packed with zinc, a mineral that’s essential in the creation of new skin cells and also aids in collagen formation.”

Squash- “Pumpkin, acorn and butternut squashes are all rich in beta carotene, which helps normalize oil production in the skin and fights acne and inflammation.”

Does Coffee Cause Bad Skin?

A coffee a day will keep good skin away? I never knew that my favorite morning up of artisan coffee may be keeping me from perfect skin nirvana. But according to a recent article that I read, it seems to be that way. The reason why coffee may be damaging your complexion is because it is highly acidic, which messes with your hormones, namely your stress hormones. Stress is one of the leading causes of acne, so now you’re in this endless cycle (where you’re stressed about bad skin and the drink that’s supposed to get you through the day is adding onto that stress. OMG!) It also dehydrates the skin if you are one of those chain drinkers (4+ cups a day. Guilty!)

The writer of the article went cold turkey with your caffeine fix and after three days, noticed a difference in her skin. She did admit though that dropping coffee is not a cure all, but she did notice that her skin is glowing more.

On the flip side, I saw this other article on Huffington Post, that says that coffee is good for your mind and body, and even prevents skin cancer in women. It even says that coffee actually reduces stress (in sleep deprivation cases). Now I don’t know who to believe anymore.

So until this debate of whether coffee is good or bad for us is decided, I think I will be switching to tea. Tea has many great antioxidant properties which can also bring out better skin. My favorite is Japanese green tea, but my current lust tea is this combination of roasted brown rice and green tea called genmaicha. It doesn’t have that punch in the face “pick me up” that I expect from coffee, but I know it will help out my body, and my skin, in the long run.

I’m not saying I won’t sneak in a much-needed espresso here and there. But for now, I’m happy with my tumbler filled with genmaicha.