Does Coffee Cause Bad Skin?

A coffee a day will keep good skin away? I never knew that my favorite morning up of artisan coffee may be keeping me from perfect skin nirvana. But according to a recent article that I read, it seems to be that way. The reason why coffee may be damaging your complexion is because it is highly acidic, which messes with your hormones, namely your stress hormones. Stress is one of the leading causes of acne, so now you’re in this endless cycle (where you’re stressed about bad skin and the drink that’s supposed to get you through the day is adding onto that stress. OMG!) It also dehydrates the skin if you are one of those chain drinkers (4+ cups a day. Guilty!)

The writer of the article went cold turkey with your caffeine fix and after three days, noticed a difference in her skin. She did admit though that dropping coffee is not a cure all, but she did notice that her skin is glowing more.

On the flip side, I saw this other article on Huffington Post, that says that coffee is good for your mind and body, and even prevents skin cancer in women. It even says that coffee actually reduces stress (in sleep deprivation cases). Now I don’t know who to believe anymore.

So until this debate of whether coffee is good or bad for us is decided, I think I will be switching to tea. Tea has many great antioxidant properties which can also bring out better skin. My favorite is Japanese green tea, but my current lust tea is this combination of roasted brown rice and green tea called genmaicha. It doesn’t have that punch in the face “pick me up” that I expect from coffee, but I know it will help out my body, and my skin, in the long run.

I’m not saying I won’t sneak in a much-needed espresso here and there. But for now, I’m happy with my tumbler filled with genmaicha.

2 thoughts on “Does Coffee Cause Bad Skin?

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  2. It’s interesting finding some much excellent information about the causes of acne and coffee. I found so much I recently wrote a blog about it at: Now, I interject a little humor with a whole lot of science. What the science is telling us is that coffee can really impact the body’s response/resistance to insulin in the short term and creates a cascade effect with the hormones. In addition, I take issue with people using coffee as a facial scrub. Why? Though plain coffee has antioxidants, it has more than enough potential toxins that offset any benefits those AO would provide. Thanks again for the article.

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