Wine Can Make a Funeral Out of Your Skin

Thanksgiving is coming! which means that it’s almost time to uncork your favorite wine bottle that you saved for this special occasion, and get drunk like there is no tomorrow with friends and families.  But wait, you DID know about the health benefits from drinking wine, but did you also know that drinking too much wine can lead your skin to a holiday disaster, welcoming your wrinkle sooner than expected?

Turns out that wine is one of the main trigger of rosacea, not a friendly facial condition that is shown in your cheeks when you are drunk.

Hate dry skin? well, drinking too much wine can also dehydrate your skin much faster, causing premature wrinkle to show up and making you look older.  Alcohol also depletes your skin from vitamin A, a very important vitamin that plays a major role fighting aging, making our skin and collagen production stronger, and it’s also works as a protector against UV radiation.

Want more? too much alcohol can also dehydrate your hair which is bad news, Yikes!

Now there is something that you can think about on the next time when you decide to go crazy with your wine glass, nevertheless, drinking wine still a healthy habit, studies shows that wine helps on reducing heart related diseases and shows a 34% lower in mortality rate compared to non-wine drinkers, most of this facts comes from the wine’s main ingredient which is the resveratrol, that is, of course, as long as you drink in a moderate fashion.

Everyone at SwissZell wishes you happy, turkey filled, and most importantly beautiful Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pumpkin Does Miracles To Your Skin

Yeah, you read it right, The other day I was walking in my neighborhood and I noticed that some of those houses still has their pumpkin carvings in front of their door and I was wondering? does pumpkin holds any magical benefits for the skin? well, as a matter of fact it does and they are very good.

Good against skin damage – with ingredients like b vitamins and vitamin A and C, pumpkin works as a great skin moisturizer, a proven remedy to create protective outer layers for the skin by increasing the production of collagen and fatty acids to keep your skin from drying out, keeping your skin smooth.  Pumpkins contains omega-3, so it can protect your skin from inflammation caused by sun and it can accelerates a rapid healing from cuts.  It’s also great to reduce redness in your skin.

Reduce acne – pumpkin holds two great ingredients which is the Zinc and Magnesium, with both ingredients combined, it brings great skin and hair benefits and a great way to stop the formation of acne.  Improve the control of the natural production of oil in your pores, decreasing the chances of your pores from clogging that eventually cause the formation of acne and dark spots (EW!).

Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines – because of its rich source of vitamins such as vitamin A and B3, pumpkin also works great as a exfoliator, it’s great on reducing signs of wrinkle and fine lines and has a very effective way of slowing down the aging process.  Pumpkin holds a great number of antioxidant properties that protect cells from daily toxic damages that can help your skin to combat and neutralize free radicals.

Reduce Dark-Under Eye Circle and Improve Skin Elasticity – Pumpkins also contains vitamin K, that helps reduce the severity of bruising, and it’s essential for the blood circulation and has properties that can also help your skin to look younger and healthier.

So you see, pumpkin is not only great for your skin but it also has great benefits for the body itself.  Some of best known benefits for the body is the improvement of the vision, the immune system, and the improvement of bones.

Thanksgiving is near, so it’s a great time to pay attention to your pumpkin recipe if you are really serious about the health of your skin.

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