Have a Baby Soft Face by Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a process to remove your dead skin cells on your skin’s outermost surface. If you exfoliate your face regularly in the right way, you can benefit a lot from it. Exfoliation can improve your skin texture, lighten your skin, and make your skin softer. According to Sean Markey’s research, dead skin accounts for around a billion tons of dust in the air. And an adult can shed 50,000 dead cells every minute, which means after reading this post, you will lose more than 50,000 cells. Don’t be terrified, it is a good thing to shed your dead cells, because it leads to the regeneration of your new cells. New cells can bring you a baby soft face. That’s why regular exfoliation is so important. By exfoliating, you facilitate the shedding of dead cells and accelerate the regeneration of new cells. Also, you prevent the dead skin cells to clog your pore.

However, over-exfoliation can be very harmful to your skin. It triggers inflammation and irritation of your face. Adult has a regular cell turnover rate, which is about 28 to 56 days. If you shed your dead skins too often, skin cells don’t have enough time to regenerate.

So how often should you exfoliate your skin? The average could be twice a week, but it depends on individual skin condition. Some people may have very sensitive skins. Even regular exfoliation can harm their skins. For people who have very oily skins, they can try to exfoliate more often than people with dry skin. Also, you should take your skin exfoliation method into consideration. If you exfoliate in a more aggressive way, you should avoid exfoliating too often. Protecting your skin’s barrier function is your priority.


Now that we know why it’s important to exfoliate our skin, what are some benefits?

  1. Improves your skin texture: exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells that are on top of your skin. It feels rough and looks dull. So, if you want softer, healthier skin, make sure you exfoliate.
  2. Get a closer shave: For all the guys and girls out there who shave, exfoliating can help get rid of any dead skin cells that can potentially clog up your razor blades and give you a smooth, clean shave.
  3. Help prevent breakouts: Are you the kind that tends to have breakouts easily? Then exfoliating will help you. It keeps the pores clean and unclogged from dead skin cells, oils and any dirty things trapped beneath the surface of your skin. Be acne free by exfoliating on a daily basis.
  4. Help skin care products penetrate deeper: It would be a waste of your skin care products if they are not fully absorbed by your skin, right? Exfoliating will clear up the dead skin cells on your skin and let the products absorb deeper.
  5. Anti-aging: As we get older, we will get terrified of seeing aging skin and wrinkles on our faces. Exfoliating can definitely help you fight those signs of aging. Help your skin age more gracefully. You will be surprised how exfoliating regularly plays a big part in helping you look younger.