The Beauty Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng in Chinese is “man root” because its roots resemble little human with forks that look like arms and legs. Some people have heard that ginseng is healthy to the body, but actually don’t even know why. And some people would say “oh, it’s good for your skin” but don’t really know what it actually does. If you really don’t know, it’s okay because you’re not alone. Coming from an Asian family background, I don’t know either besides my mom telling me that it’s healthy. So, I’ve done some research and here are some things I got so far.

I found that ginseng is great for human health in several ways. It strengthens the immune system and helps patience with diabetes to improve blood sugar level. It helps ease menstrual cramps for ladies. It serves as a stimulant for athletes because it is believed to help increase energy levels. It improves cellular health and helps patience feel less fatigue. And last but not least, I found that ginseng does a wonderful job improving your skin!

Ginseng is super rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants which are great for your skin. Ginseng mask is best for anti-aging because it helps reduce wrinkles and gets rid of the free radicals on your skin. The mask is great for reducing acne outbreaks and rosacea because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps protect the skin from UV radiation and also brightens up skin tones.

Right after I found out about the skin benefits of ginseng, I went to buy ginseng powder at a local Chinese pharmacy and made my own mask at home with honey and lemon. It is easy and convenient. So why don’t you try it too! And don’t forget to moisturize your face with a cream or a serum.

Feel free to comment down below or make any recommendations for using Ginseng. 😉

8 Great Benefits of Eggs

I love eggs. They are very healthy if you include them in your diet. But did you know that eggs are a miracle ingredient for your skin? Egg whites especially have many great beauty benefits because they are rich in protein and albumin that have skin toning properties and promote wrinkle free skin. They are also high in collagen and vitamin A, which is essential to treat scars and burns. Below are 8 beauty benefits of eggs that you can try out at home during your spare time.

  1. Earlier I mentioned that egg white is high in collagen and vitamin A. So, treatments with egg white can help you get rid of skin problems like rosacea and acne scars. It can also prevent and fight off acne too.
  2. Egg white help you tighten and close up large pores! Yes, that’s right! If you have large pores, add egg white to your facial and it’ll help you shrink those ugly looking pores you don’t want.
  3. Oily skin? No worry. Because egg white is especially great for reducing oily skin. Mix egg white and oatmeal together and apply on your face and neck. Rinse with warm water and your skin will feel less oily.
  4. Dry skin? Don’t worry about that too because the egg yolk is great for dry skin. Add lemon juice and olive oil to enhance that nourishing effect.
  5. Egg white is known to fix puffy eyes effectively. Apply a thin layer of egg white under your eyes and leave on until it dries up. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.
  6. Blackheads! Perhaps egg white will get rid of them. Egg white can amazingly draw out sebum and pull out the dirty things within pores. It tightens the pores while squeezing out the black heads by bringing them out of the skin’s surface.
  7. Egg white not only helps your skin, it can also help your hair too! Mix yogurt with egg white and you will end up having a hair conditioner that’s great for your dull hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Your hair will look shiny and beautiful when it’s dry!
  8. White eggs will make you look youthful! It reduces wrinkles and fine lines because it helps tighten and lift your skin. A simple egg white face mask twice a week and you will see incredible results!

Oh! I forget to mention that after your egg white facial, remember to apply your favorite skin care product. Here’s a link to find out about a great skincare product.

Smearing Beef Fat On Your Skin!

Okay, this might sound a little gross in the beginning but using beef fat, aka tallow, can improve your skin! Yes, that’s right! Our ancestors had been using either coconut oil or tallow to nourish and protect their skin back in the days. Both coconut oil and tallow are highly beneficial to the skin because of their natural properties. The use of tallow has become popular because it can be easily found in cows and sheep.

So what is tallow exactly? Tallow is actually rendered suet. Suet is the hard white fat that can be found on the kidneys and loins of cattle. The suet can be easily melted down to liquid form, and once solidified, it becomes tallow. Tallow is actually a beautiful golden oil that has many uses. Some people use it for cooking and frying. And of course beauty lovers like us, use it on our skin. I’m going to tell you why we use it on our skin.

Tallow from grass-fed cows can be very nourishing. And I mean VERY nourishing because it is rich with nutrients that plant-based oils simply do not poses. It also contains natural fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are all necessary for skin health. Tallow can be easily absorbed through our skin. Some experts explained that the reason why it absorbs faster and better is because tallow has very similar properties to our human skin cells which contain 50- 55 percent saturated fat. Because they are so similar, the dirty oil from our skin can be easily replaced by the clean, nourishing tallow. And the most important reason of all is that it is safe to use tallow, but only from the 100% grass-fed cows to avoid contamination with pesticides and other nasty chemicals.

So the next time you get beef, don’t forget that some beef fat can be good to your skin and body.

Add A Little Sweetness To Your Skin

You know that honey is a natural sweetener that has lots of great benefits for the body when taken internally. But did you know that you can also benefit from honey when using it externally? Yes, this amber colored, dewy looking sweetener can do wonders to your skin. Not all honey though, only raw honey contains the most natural vitamins and nutritional elements that are beneficial to your skin. How? Let me tell you a little bit more in detail.

Raw honey is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds. The thick texture of the honey contains a substance called humectant which attracts moisture from the air and retain the moisture in the skin. This can be very beneficial to dry and itchy skin. Honey is a natural antioxidant, which can protect the skin against sun damages such as premature wrinkling. Honey can also promote healing and prevent infection due to its natural antimicrobial properties.

Now we know the benefits we will get from honey, here are some ways you can use it:

  • DIY honey mask: Spread a thin layer of raw honey on your damp, clean skin and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water leaving you with soft, radiant skin. Apply a serum or cream to enhance the softness and smoothness of your face.
  • Honey acne treatment: This is perfect for people who are prone to breakouts. Swirl a small amount of honey onto a Q-tip and dap onto your blemish. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce redness and irritation.
  • Honey cleanser: Mix the honey with either coconut oil or jojoba oil to make a great cleanser that will dissolve some makeup and moisturize your skin at the same time.
  • Honey gentle exfoliator: Mix honey with baking soda and gently rub it on your face or body in a circular motion. Rinse well with warm water leaving your skin clean and smooth.
  • Honey bath: Now this is my favorite! Add a cup of honey to a tub of warm water and soak for about 15 minutes. The antioxidants from the honey will repair and moisturize the skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and new. Oh! Don’t forget to rinse your body with clean water after soaking. You don’t want your body tasting too sweet attracting unnecessary insects.

Have fun adding a little bit more sweetness to your skin care routine 😉

The Extraordinary Tomato

As we all know, tomatoes are just fruits that we see in the grocery stores every single day. People buy tomatoes to cook or just eat them raw. They are very common and you don’t see how extraordinary they can be, right? Well, let me tell you something that not a lot of people know about the tomato and the tomato plant.

The tomato and the tomato plant have properties that can actually enhance your skin! Solanum Lycopersicon extract, a really fancy name for tomato stem cell extract, is a component that does a few wonders to your skin. According to Italy and Switzerland researchers, “an extract of stem cells from leaves of tomato plant can help protect the skin from heavy metal stress.” Heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, lead, and nickel. This is because tomato plants developed a defense mechanism that protects them from being exposed to heavy metals. And skincare products with tomato stem cells can protect the skin when being heavily exposed to heavy metals.

Tomato stem cells also contain antioxidant compounds which help delay the signs of wrinkles. This means they are great for anti-aging as well. So, the next time you buy tomatoes in the grocery store, remember that the juicy tomatoes also do a wonderful job protecting your skin.

SwissZell is a skincare product from Switzerland that is rich in tomato stem cells. It has anti-aging and other great skin benefits. Read more about it HERE!