How to Apply Your Sunscreen Correctly

Summer is finally here in New York! Everybody is excited to go out to the beach and ready to play. But wait. Before you go out, make sure to put on sunscreen! What’s the correct way to put on sunscreen? We put on sunscreen by rubbing the cream all over our body that will be exposed to the sun. Simple, right? Not really.

For guys, they would simply apply the sunscreen all over their face, neck, and body before going out; sometimes maybe apply a moisturizer before the sunscreen. But for girls, we will have a whole different routine for our faces because we put on makeup. So, for us girls, should we put on makeup first or sunscreen first? The answer is, it is better to put the sunscreen last.

Los Angeles dermatologist Jessica Wu MD, recommends that girls should put makeup on first and then apply sunscreen at the very end. This way, the sunscreen wouldn’t be disturbed by the makeup, leading to uneven coverage. But don’t rub the sunscreen on. Simply rub the sunscreen between your palms and gently pat a thin layer onto your face evenly.

An alternative is to use a foundation or BB cream that has at least SPF 15 or more. This is great if you spend most of your time in the office and not exposed to the sun too often. But keep in mind that it is better for the foundation or BB cream to contain elements that protect your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. If you know you will be exposed to the sun longer, simply apply a thin layer of sunscreen using the patting method. Using a pressed powder with SPF 15 or more would work too.

The rule of thumb for applying sunscreen to any parts of your body is: sunscreen should always be the final step in your skin-care routine. Always apply the sunscreen 15-20 minutes before exposing to the sun and always reapply after two hours if exposed to the sun for a long time, especially if you’re swimming.

Here is a great sunscreen you can try. Happy Summer! 🙂

Should We Use Hot Water or Cold Water to Wash Our Face?

So we all had heard from many people that we should wash our face with hot water first to open up the pores and cold water at the end to close up the pores. Does this really clean your skin better? I was curious so I did my research and found that this is just a myth. We believe that hot water will open up the pores while cleansing so we can clean out all the dirty residue, and close up the pores with cold water so our skin can feel smooth and soft. But this is not always true.

I found that using lukewarm water or room temperature water is the best for cleansing the face. Too hot or too cold water will not make the skin better but in some cases will worsen the skin condition. Hot water will strip away the natural oils on your face causing skin irritation and itchiness, while ice-cold water doesn’t show any benefits, unless it’s a hot summer day and you want to cool yourself down. That’s when I use cold water to wash my face. Did you know that using too hot water could damage skin’s blood vessels too!

According to Dr. Jeffrey Dover, a Boston dermatologist says that warm water cleanses better than cold. No wonder my skin feels itchy after I take a hot shower. But I will always put on body lotion to lock in the moisture so it won’t irritate me after.

Bottom line is, try not to wash with too hot or too cold water. The best is to use lukewarm or warm water. Do not wipe dry! Always pat gently with a clean towel. And don’t forget to apply cream or serum to lock in moisture.

6 Amazing Ways to Use Coconut Oil

It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of coconut oil. The smell of coconut is amazing, and it is loaded with natural substances that are great for cooking and topical use. Well of course, my favorite way of using coconut oil is to use it on my skin. Not only does it moisturizes my skin, but it also has many beauty benefits too! Oh by the way, don’t panic if your coconut oil is not in liquid form because it has a high melting point of 76°F or 24°C. Meaning it will always be in a solid form if it’s below 76°F.

Solid or liquid, it still does a wonderful job beautifying your skin. Here are 6 amazing ways to use coconut oil on your skin.

  1. Body moisturizer: If you have dry skin, especially after a shower, applying coconut oil on your entire body will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Keep a jar in your bathroom. It’ll come in handy. It’ll make your skin feel really soft and smooth too!
  2. Hand lotion: If you have dry hands or do chores involving your hands in water most of the time without gloves, coconut oil is a great remedy. Keep a jar in the kitchen near the sink. And don’t forget to keep a small jar of coconut oil in your bag when you go out. It will come in extra handy especially in the winter.
  3. Lip balm: Coconut lip balm is the best replacement for chap sticks. I bet you don’t want to kiss someone with your cracked lips right? Applying coconut oil on your dry and chapped lips will help soothe the irritation and keep your lips moisturized and smooth.
  4. Shaving cream: This will help lots of people who would get ingrown hair or razor burns. Using coconut as a shaving cream will help you get a close, smooth shave and help prevent ingrown hairs or razor burns. Plus, it will add moisture while shaving too!
  5. Makeup remover: If you are out of makeup remover and you happen to have coconut oil, use it! Coconut oil is great in removing makeup, even waterproof mascara! It will melt away your makeup and leaving your face clean and hydrated.
  6. Sun block and Sunburn relief: Coconut oil naturally has about SPF 4. You can apply it on your face as a natural sunblock daily, but you will have to use something stronger if it’s too sunny out. It can also act as a sunburn relief. It helps sooth inflamed skin, reduce redness, and re-hydrate the skin.


I’m sure there are plenty of other uses with coconut oil because it’s just that great. How do you use it?

Sleep Your Way to Beauty

Sleep! Everyone needs to sleep. Sleep is essential to not only our body health but also skin health as well. We’ve all heard people said that they need their beauty sleep. That is because sleeping has beauty benefits. From the look of the skin, you can tell if that person is sleep deprived or not. The face says it all.

Not enough sleep will worsen skin conditions. Less sleep can lead to increased stressed hormones which will cause acne breakouts. It can also cause the skin to feel dehydrated and look dull. The worse thing it can do to you is giving you dark circles under your eyes, aka panda eyes! These sound cute but it will take a long time to get rid of. The eyes will be puffy and dry too. All in all, lack of sleep will cause you to look tired and age faster.

Now, here are some beauty benefits of sleep. You would have brighter and less puffy eyes. During your sleep, your skin makes new collagen and repairs the damaged skin. You will see less wrinkles and fine lines. It is like a natural anti-aging process. Tip: Your skin loses more water when you sleep than it does during the day. So, remember to always apply cream or serum to lock the moisture in your skin. Your face would look more radiance and less tired if you have enough sleep.

I said “enough” because having lots of sleep isn’t good for you either. Have you ever woke up and feel sore all over your body? Yup, that’s either too much sleep or too little sleep. It is advised that we should sleep on an average of 7 to 9 hours a day. Enough sleep equals better performance.

So tonight, do yourself a favor. Make yourself comfortable on your bed and have a good night sleep. Trust me, you will love it. 😉